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Professional knowledge


What is wallpaper, the type of wallpaper?


Wall cloth, also known as "wall cloth". A fabric that is mounted to the wall. Cotton cloth is used as the base cloth, and printed or rolled relief is applied on the base cloth, as well as jacquard weaving. The patterns used are mostly geometric figures and flower patterns.


The surface of the wall cloth is made of textile material. It can also be printed, embossed and embroidered.


Features: Visual comfort, soft touch, a little sound insulation, high air permeability, good affinity.




A. Yarn wall cloth: patterns and colours made of yarns or yarns of different styles


B. Flocking wallpaper: Implant short fibers into base paper to produce excellent texture of flocking effect


C. Functional wall cloth: textiles and cotton are treated with nanotechnology and nanomaterials, and cotton is woven into needle-punched cotton as the bottom layer of the wall cloth, so that both the surface cloth and the needle-punched cotton at the bottom have flame retardant, heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, antimicrobial, mildew-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof and static-proof functions.


What are the advantages of wall cloth?


1. Seamless pasting:


The height of the wall cloth is 2.8-3 meters, so that the whole wall has no seams, which solves the common problems of seams caused by the fabric splicing on the top drawings, avoids the trouble of seam cracking, and there will be no glue spill (pay attention to standardized construction and brand products).


2. Environmental protection is tasteless:


Wall cloth is made of environmentally friendly fabrics, which are non-toxic and harmless to human body. Formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile gases will not appear in the decoration. Environmental protection indicators meet the requirements of the national interior decoration regulations, and can be accommodated on the day of construction.


3. Air permeability, mildew prevention and anticorrosion:


Wall cloth is a kind of fiber fabric. It has good air permeability and excellent anti-mildew property after special treatment. It is waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-mildew and oil-proof, and is not easy to mildew and rot. Seamless wall cloth discharges moisture from the wall through tiny holes to prevent the wall from mildewing and falling off. It is durable.


4. Flame retardant:


Wall cloth can be made of flame retardant, up to European standards.


5. Wear resistance of retaining wall:


Adhering to the wall is like adding a layer of soft wire mesh to the whole wall, increasing the fastness of the wall, preventing the wall from cracking, and achieving the effect of leveling the wall.


6. Easy to handle:


Seamless wall cloth has been treated with oil, dirt and waterproof by special technology. It can be scrubbed with wet towel to keep the wall bright and tidy.


7. Rich in colour and lustre:


The wall cloth is strictly in accordance with the high standards of washability and sunshine resistance. Under normal conditions, it can ensure that the color of the wall cloth is not fading and dim.


8. Good sound absorption and insulation effect:


Because the surface texture of seamless wall cloth is concave and convex, it can produce diffuse, immersion and soft reflection to sound wave, make it scatter sound fast, echo small, and its sound absorption and muffling, so it has good sound insulation effect.


9. Widely used:


The seamless wall cloth has strong applicability, whether it is used in public places such as high-grade hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV, office buildings, or for home villas, ordinary residential decoration and renovation.


10. Simple construction:

施工较为简单,两个或一个人也可以施工,速度大大快于墙纸。另外 墙布产品还有个优点,即特别适用于旧墙翻新,若旧乳胶漆因多年使用需要翻新,只要墙面平整没有松动脱落,就不用铲墙皮,而是直接在旧墙面上施工就可以了。避免了因重新装修造成满屋灰尘,以及搬挪家具所带来的烦恼,让你省时、省力、省心。

Construction is relatively simple, two or one person can also be constructed, the speed is much faster than wallpaper. In addition, the wall cloth product has another advantage, that is, it is especially suitable for old wall renovation. If the old latex paint needs to be renovated due to years of use, as long as the wall surface is flat and does not loose and fall off, it is not necessary to shovel the wall skin, but it can be directly constructed on the old wall. It avoids the trouble of removing furniture and dust from the house because of redecorating. It saves you time, effort and worry.


Analysis of 3 Wall Cloth Technology


Jacquard weave:


Jacquard wall cloth manufacturing process is complex, warp yarn and weft yarn interweave ups and downs, forming different patterns, concave and convex, weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals and other beautiful patterns. Soft texture, delicate, smooth unique feeling, good gloss, good drapability and air permeability, high color fastness.




Embroidery wall cloth uses high-grade cloth as the base material, combines the traditional embroidery technology of needle-lead in China with the manual embroidery patterns and shapes emphasizing sculpture feeling. It skillfully embroiders different color lines into various patterns, replaces embossing with embroidery lines, replaces printing wall cloth with color lines, vividly delineates various objects, forming plump and floating, fluctuating and changeable, orderly but not disorderly, and colors. Rich, well-organized, rich and colorful overall style, unique, with high artistic value, is a fine wall cloth.




Printed wallboard is a traditional wallboard. After forming the original wallboard, it uses non-polluting dyes to print and dye patterns on the cloth. It has rich color patterns and strong color sense. Because its production process is relatively simple and the price is low, it is suitable for middle and low-end consumption.


Gold and silver wire:


Gold and silver silk wallboard is characterized by the addition of gold or silver silk in the production process of wallboard. Super industrial technology will draw metal into fine silk. It will blend with textiles and complement each other. It is magnificent and beautiful. The shining gold and silver wallboard under the light is like a noble coat, which makes the wall shine brilliantly.


High density:


High warp dense wall cloth has the characteristics of fine yarn, dense and breathable, fine warp and weft intersect each other, unit area weight increases, like beautiful silk, is the crystallization of superb textile technology, widely used in home decoration bedrooms, meeting rooms, various clubs, etc.


How to match wall cloth for decoration?


The color and pattern of the wall cloth directly affect the space atmosphere.


I. Room Light


Generally speaking, the choice of cold or warm tones of wall cloth is closely related to the light in the room. The rooms facing south or East are well lighted and even have a slight shaking feeling. The wall cloth should be light blue, light green and other cool colors.